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Greetings new covenant partner:

You have just made a decision which will tremendously bless your future. We would like to personally thank you for becoming a partner with The Center for Manifestation. You are more to us than just a number or a member, in fact we welcome you like the newest member of our family. CFM is no ordinary church. It was birthed from the heart of God to be a refreshing force to the body of Christ. By becoming a part of CFM, you have connected with a ministry whose effects will be felt across the country and around the world, and through which the gospel of Jesus Christ and a powerful message of the manifestation of the sons of God will be sent. We are very interested in knowing each of our partners personally, so we ask that you do a few things:

All New Partners:

1. Please introduce yourself to Apostle & Lady Jones at the next church meeting that you attend.

2. Please call the church office at 813-241-6919 ext. 19 and schedule a time for your entrance meeting with the Apostle.

3. Ask the New Partner Orientation Leader who your “LINKS PARTNER” is.

4. Please attend the “New Partner Orientation” classes held each Sunday at 9 a.m. or Tuesday at 7 p.m.

5. Upon completion of the “New Partner Orientation,” please call to schedule
a meeting with Apostle for your exit meeting.

6. If you have never completed a discipleship program, please continue to come at 9 a.m. on Sundays for our discipleship course upstairs in the Congregational Life Center.

7. CLICK HERE to join our CFM Partners Page on Facebook to keep informed. CLICK HERE to receive our newsletters.

Lastly, have you truly given your life to Christ?  CLICK HERE

Welcome to the Manifestation!

Dr. Mark & Lisa Jones

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