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Greetings new covenant partner:

newcomer_imgYou have just made a decision which will tremendously bless your future. We would like to personally thank you for becoming a partner with The Center for Manifestation. You are more to us than just a number or a member, in fact we welcome you like the newest member of our family. CFM is no ordinary church. It was birthed from the heart of God to be a refreshing force to the body of Christ. By becoming a part of CFM, you have connected with a ministry whose effects will be felt across the country and around the world, and through which the gospel of Jesus Christ and a powerful message of the manifestation of the sons of God will be sent. We are very interested in knowing each of our partners personally, so we ask that you do a few things:

Thank you for becoming a partner with The Center for Manifestation!

If you are a local partner:

1. Please introduce yourself to us at the next church meeting that you attend.

2. Please call the church office at 813-241-6919 ext. 19 and schedule a time that we
may meet personally.

3. Please attend the “New Partner Orientation” classes held each Sunday at 9 a.m. or Tuesday at 7 p.m.

4. Upon completion of the “New Partner Orientation,” please call to schedule
a time that we may meet again.

If you are a national or international partner:

Register above and contact us at: 888-538-3577 (M-F 10:30am-4:30pm EST)

Once again,

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