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1.  Father, open to us the gates of righteousness; We shall enter through them. We shall give thanks to the Lord. Lift up your heads, O gates, And lift them up, O ancient doors; That the King of glory may come in!       

2.   Father, You are El Shaddai, the God of more than enough.  Wealth and riches are in Manifestation Worldwide, Inc. because we fear You and delight greatly in your commandments. Lord, we command the gates of Manifestation Worldwide, Inc. to remain open that the wealth of the nations can come in for the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the earth, in Jesus Christ’s name. 

3.    Father, we command your blessings that add riches and no sorrow over Manifestation Worldwide, Inc. partners. Lord, we command our mindsets to be influenced by the mind of Christ; to take on a new level of greater purpose and effectiveness in the earth. Lord, we proclaim we are the salt and light, movers and shakers, and leaders in all spheres of influence. We are culture shifters and agents of truth for the Glory of God.

4.     Father, we command your peace within the borders of Apostle Mark T. Jones. Father, fill him with the finest of wheat. Lord give him Your utterance, anointing and wisdom to raise up a generation of Sons of God that will represent the Kingdom of God to all society, cultures, religions, families, marketplaces, and governments for the Glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

5.   Father, we command your angel Michael to war daily over the lives and Prophetic destiny of our First Family: Apostle Mark T. Jones, Lady Lisa Jones, Pastor Mark Jones Jr. and Marlesia Jones. Lord, You have given Lady Lisa Jones a great work to accomplish. Lord, everything provided for her Kingdom work, we command to be released now, in the name of Jesus. We declare she is rooted and grounded in Christ and she will not be moved nor stagnated in her assignment. Lord, we declare that Pastor Mark Jr. and Marlesia are well balanced and anointed for the generation of souls you have given them in Jesus’ name

  6.  Father, daily renew the leaders of Manifestation Worldwide, Inc. in brokenness and the Holy Spirit. Lord let them wait upon You and mount them up with wings as an eagle. Father, quicken their bodies with the Holy Spirit.  Lord, daily renew the vision and confidence on personal and corporate levels in Jesus Christ’s name.

7.   Father, we command every generational curse and their manifestations of sicknesses, infirmities, dysfunctional lifestyles, failed marriages, character flaws, financial poverty, and spiritual oppression against us and our families to be suddenly eradicated from us and our families in Jesus Christ’s name.


Upcoming Engagements and Events Please Pray for all Upcoming Engagements and Events as follows:  

April 28-29, 6:30 AM ~ Prophetic Life Arts Conference ~ Sanctuary/CLC

May 4-6, 6:00 PM ~ Missionary Churches Crusade ~ Sanctuary

May 6, 6:30 PM ~ Marie Margarett Wedding Reception ~ CLC
































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